Our Passion is the Delivery of Business Efficiency

We design and develop no-nonsense business applications that just work.

About Us

We are a small application development house that specialises in designing, developing, deploying and maintaining great solutions for our Clients. Streamlining and optimising their business process. Removing their reliance on error prone spreadsheets that prevent the enterprise from properly leveraging their valuable intellectual property.

We can also turn your website ideas into reality.

Functional Application Design

So many companies fall into the same trap.

The Executives of the Business understand the Business but don't have a clue about how to use software and technology to optimise their Business. So they rely on the advice of IT Professionals.

The IT professionals really understand IT but often do not have much of an idea how your business really works.

The Result? Very often the Project is a failure. It fails to do what the Executives of the Business expected and ends up costing a bucket load more than promised and took way to long to finish...if it ever gets finished.

Enough is Enough!

Device Agnostic

We can design and build applications that work on all devices from the Desktop to the phone.

One source of truth wherever you need it.

We Don't Guess..

Arriving at the best solution means really digging in and understanding the nuances of your business problem.

Really understanding what your staff really expect the application to do.


At Customaware, we use the the most advanced development tools available that are based on tried and proven layers of mainstream technology to rapidly design and build robust, reliable and scalable applications.

Instead of taking months or years, we can develop the same application in months or sometimes weeks.

User Engagement

Customaware engages with your end users throughout the entire process.

Through design, proto-typing and development, we listen to what works best for you.


Once your application is thoroughly tested to your satisfaction we can host it for you or if you prefer we can arrange for you to host it on your own servers.

Our Experience

At Customaware Systems, we have been designing, developing and delivering a wide range custom business solutions for for over 30 years.

  • Asset Management
  • Mining Production Systems
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Tyre Management
  • Parts Management
  • Job Work Orders
  • Project Management
  • Progress Claims
  • Warehousing
  • Analytic Hierarchy Processing
  • Cost Control
  • Training & Competency
  • Absence & Leave Managment
  • Expense Claim Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Time & Motion
  • Cashflow Management


        Good evening Mark,

I just want to put a quick note together to say how very pleased I am to be using the Customaware product and the absolute stunning support we get from you.

Everyone on our team, with ages ranging from 18 to 69 years, find using your reporting tool so easy and very straight forward to use.

We have even had plaudits from our opposition, which
today is a real accolade.  

On top of the product itself, the back of house service and assistance at any time of the day you provide, is a real testament to you.

Thankyou so much and looking forward to many more years of partnership.

Keith Nicol